Hurray for Hummus!

A New Sweet Treat You’ll Love

Experience dessert like you never have before and taste the decadent hummus I offer at chará hummus.  I hope my hummus adds a little bit of joy to your life!

The Story of chará hummus

Hi there! My name is Jennifer Kepple. I am a native of Parkersburg, West Virginia, which is where I started my dessert hummus company. chará hummus began unofficially in college when I was trying anything and everything to stay away from the “Freshman 15.” Unfortunately, I have a sweet tooth. I think I might actually have a sweet jaw.

I knew I needed some healthier dessert options and sometimes, fruit just doesn’t cut it. So I asked myself what any rational college female would ask herself, “How can I have a cookie without the calories that come with it?”


I started to make cookie dough dip out of chickpeas. The taste was great, but the consistency just wasn’t what I wanted it to be. After (a lot) of experimentation, I finally created a dip with the texture of hummus – and it was sweet. Success! My friends and family loved it. I knew right then that I needed to share this awesome creation with as many people as I could.


That’s where you come in! Check out my 4 crave-able hummus flavors and find out exactly what I am talking about.

chará hummus

Jennifer Kepple, Founder and CEO